6 tips to choose the perfect padel racket

comprar pala padel perfecta

6 tips to choose the perfect padel racket


One of the issues that most concern a padel player, whether amateur or professional, is finding the perfect padel racket for his game. Sometimes, especially for the less experienced, this search becomes an odyssey due to a lack of knowledge. In this article on the Padel Technologies blog, we’re going to give you all the information you need to buy the right padel racket.

First of all, it is essential to be clear about what type of player you are to decide the racket you’ll go to select. Factors such as the side of the court you play on, the punching capacity you have, or the level you lay up, will determine the final decision.

The real keys

Based on all these data, we can give you six keys to help you to choose the padel racket that best suits your characteristics and not regret after a few days of having spent good money on the most important element of your equipment. They are as follows:

  1. Make a budget: if a racket is very expensive, does not necessarily mean that it will be the best option for you. If you are a beginner, likely, you are not comfortable with them, since the most expensive models are usually made for people with a greater degree of experience.
  2. The shape of the racket: in this step, you should think, above all, if you want to have control at all times or if you sacrifice it in favor of greater power when hitting the ball. If you’re starting and don’t know your style yet, we recommend you bet on control. By looking at this key, you can choose one shape or another from the following three:
  • Round: they’re manageable and precise. Highly recommended for playing defensively and strategically. They’re the most recommended to start in the world of padel.
  • Hybrid: they offer a balance between power and control, the ideal choice for players who like to combine different tactics within a padel court.
  • Diamond: if your thing is the attack, this is your racket shape. Very focused on experienced people capable of handling the ball at will.
  1. Materials: this is somewhat more complicated, since factors such as the weather and the altitude at which you’re going to play. However, broadly speaking, we can say that the softer material rackets will benefit you if your level is medium or low. On the contrary, if you have a higher bar, hard materials like carbon will give you more joy.
  2. Grip type: more and more players are switching from tennis to padel. Most deploy the two-handed backhand. For this reason, brands have started to make grips longer and less manageable. If you prefer something easier to use, you can always lean towards the classic grip of padel rackets, the short
  3. Weight: there are always exceptions depending on your weight, body size, and history of injuries, but it’s common for women to use rackets weighing between 350 and 360 grams, while men tend to go to weights between 365 and 380 grams.
  4. Test the racket: once you’ve decided on the model you are going to buy, based on the advice we’ve given you, go to a specialized store and request that they let you try it for a few days before going to the checkout. It will help you confirm your decision or look for other options.

Our choice

At Padel Technologies we think that in the best courts in the world, you should play with top padel rackets. That is why we recommend the RBMAT series of Hook, developed in close collaboration with Mariano Amat, coach of the male number 1 couple on the World Padel Tour.