Steps that you must follow to get started in the world of padel

get started in padel

Steps that you must follow to get started in the world of padel


Padel has become remarkably popular in the last two years. It is a relatively easy and entertaining sport for people of any level. That, together with the possibility of playing it both outdoor and indoor, makes it the favorite hobby of thousands of players of all ages.

If you have also gotten the bug and want to get started in its practice, keep reading this Padel Technologies blog article to learn some tips that will help you know how to get started in padel.

Acquire basic notions

Before going out on the court and starting to acquire bad habits caused by a lack of knowledge, it’s recommendable that you watch some videos. They do not necessarily have to be professional matches since the level of these players allows them to do things that you could not even try.

In this step, it’s a good idea to watch some tutorials. Videos that explain how to execute the essential shots to start passing the ball to the other side of the net correctly. Once you have clear concepts, it’s time to pick up the shovel and put what you’ve learned into practice.

Make contact with the padel racket

When you consider you’ve seen enough tutorials, it’s time to grab a padel racket and some balls to start practicing on the ground. At first, it will be enough for you to have a wall that hits you back. In this way, you’ll be able to gain experience with the forehand and backhand.

Once you know how to direct the ball and have some control, it’s time to get started in the world of padel classes. In this phase, your level will increase as much as you have fun alongside other players of your same level.

Find your ideal couple

During the classes, you will meet people to play matches. It’s in those meetings when you must do everything possible to find a partner with whom you fit well to take your padel to the next level.

Once you start developing your game, want new challenges. It’s essential to have the confidence that the person next to you goes to respond the way you want. It must happen in the opposite direction, with you trying to be the best possible partner to create good chemistry.

When the time comes, if you think you are ready enough, you can sign up for your first tournaments to taste the incomparable flavor of the competition.

Take care of the details

After passing all the stages mentioned above, you will no longer be a beginner. At that point, the most important thing to continue progressing is that you focus on the details. One of them is to play on quality courts like those of Padel Technologies. A facility in poor condition will hamper your progress.

And don’t forget the most important thing… Enjoy padel!