Everything you need to know before buying a padel court

Buying a padel court

Everything you need to know before buying a padel court


When we think about starting a padel club or installing a court in our house, many doubts face us. With this blog, we will try to clear everything necessary to take care before buying a padel court.

First of all, we recommend finding out about all the legal details that must be met to carry out a work of these characteristics. In this step, we will know if we are authorized to carry it out and, if not, we will be able to request the necessary permits to carry it out.

A bad approach to the legal strategy when dealing with this type of work could cause the delay of the entire process more than necessary, preventing us from enjoying many hours of a fantastic sport such as padel.

What do I want the padel court for?

Once we have the legal issues well tied up and we know if the space we have is suitable for what we want to do, it is essential to be clear about the use that we’re going to give to the courts that we acquire. Putting them in a club is not the same as having them in a private home. This factor will determine the type of structure that we must request.

For example, in a private home, or a community of neighbors, it will be much more efficient to place a padel court with a predominantly metallic structure, like our EVO model. With this, we will bet on durability and resistance. It’s ideal for places where the visual element does not prevail, and maintenance won’t going to be usual.

In the case of sports clubs, the aesthetic component is really important to attract customers. For this reason, we recommend tracks in which glass is the protagonist. For these cases, at Padel Technologies we have Full Vision and Showtime models. Two attractive courts that even allow you to play televised games on them.

Court customization

After selecting the type of padel court that we’re going to buy, it will be time to customize it to our liking. At this point, we will have a wide range of options ranging from the structure color to the type of grass.

The grass is currently one of the customizable ones that buyers pay the most attention to. There are different types, colors, and brands. At Padel Technologies, we have in our stock the best in the market, even the one used in the World Padel Tour tournaments.

Another key element is the type of lighting. Choosing well at this point will lead us to enjoy paddle tennis at any time without anything preventing it. Low consumption and maximum performance LED lightings are what will give us the best results.

Finally, we will think about how to equip our brand new court, with options such as adding doors, benches, covering some of the sides, or putting our logo in the corners.

Trust the pros

As specialists in the manufacture, assembly, and implementation of padel courts businesses, Padel Technologies we have wanted to put our experience at your disposal to facilitate the purchase process. Likewise, from the moment you decide to request information from us, a team of the best specialists in the sector will guide you every step of the way.