Discover the new website of Padel Technologies

Nueva web de Padel Technologies

Discover the new website of Padel Technologies


For any company, having a spot in the digital world is something that becomes more important every day. For this reason, we have wanted to face this challenge comprehensively, starting by unveil the new website of Padel Technologies, which we have given a much more current and intuitive appearance.

We have always been clear that to stay at the forefront of a constantly growing market, we must be up to date in each one of the existing areas. One of them is the presence on the Internet, essential to support the fantastic work that takes place daily in the Padel Technologies factory. In order to meet this need, we manage to offer customers a place where they can get to know us and contact us in a simple way.

As soon as you enter the home, you can already tell that the experience will be the most pleasant. With a very open concept, in which the visual predominates, we manage to transmit the values ​​that characterize us without losing sight of the objective of correctly informing about everything that we offer as manufacturers of padel courts.

In a second section, the services that we make available to customers are in more detail. We have an entire package of measures that range from advice and civil works to elements as relevant as financing, manufacturing, or assembly. Without a doubt, a very complete strategy.

On the other hand, we come to one of the most relevant sections of the website, the one which holds the information related to the court models that make up our catalog. Thanks to this, people who visit the site intending to purchase any of these products will have references to get an initial idea of ​​which installation is best suited to their needs. In addition, once they have decided to continue with the process, the Padel Technologies experts will provide their advice so that everything is perfect.

If the visitors want to get in direct contact with the company’s team, there is the option of filling in a form explaining their particular case, to which we will respond quickly. From the moment we receive an inquiry, we open the process and treat it in detail to provide personalized support.

Nor do we neglect the current affairs relating to the world of paddle tennis. To keep fans of this sport informed, we have a blog where we will regularly publish articles on this topic, from more technical information about the courts to interviews with players from the World Padel Tour.

Finally, the website has a portfolio where we show some of the clients who have been satisfied with our work. We love knowing that we meet expectations and maintain a good relationship with those who hire Padel Technologies services.

A website at the level of the best courts in the world. Let the game begin!