The padel’s industry challenges for 2022

Padel challenges 2022

The padel’s industry challenges for 2022


Padel grew rapidly during the year 2021 and the beginning of 2022 is more than hopeful. This brilliant development is great news for our sport but comes with a series of demands that will lead all companies in the suffering industry to give their best version.

A lot of people discover in padel a way of fun, passion, or business. This, added to the situation that has caused the pandemic in different markets, is making it difficult for companies to meet the needs of their customers in the way they would like.

If we focus on the products intended for the practice of this sport, we find that the stock, especially of the most demanded padel rackets, run out as soon as they go on sale. However, we will analyze the challenges that Padel Technologies faces this year as a manufacturer of padel courts.

Unprecedented demand

The globalization experienced by padel in recent times leads us to work with a high volume of demand. It’s a great challenge for us to update the production processes to successfully meet the requests that come to us.

However, the philosophy of continuous improvement with which we have always carried out our work facilitates the necessary evolution to face a situation of these characteristics.

Manufacturing materials

One of the biggest obstacles that we find today to offering our padel courts without putting an exorbitant price on them is the excessive cost of the materials. Some of the resources needed to manufacture this product have increased their value fivefold in less than a year.

This situation has been generated by the shortage due to the increasingly high demand for courts. Padel is making its way around the world. Managing customer demands allow us to prove our worthwhile offering a premium quality service and product.


Another of the great complications that we face is the saturation at the logistical level. Above all, for long-distance exports. Delivery times are being extended a lot in some cases, making it difficult to conduct a greater number of jobs outside our borders.

With such a tricky situation like this, Padel Technologies reinvents itself every day to continue making a difference in a highly competitive sector. Even more so if we consider that the best companies in the industry are found, for the most part, in Spain.

A promising 2022

Despite the possible complications that may appear over the next 12 months, the expectations for this course that is beginning are incredibly positive. Everyone wants to get started in padel and the demand for courts is increasing.

If you want more information about the activity of Padel Technologies, don’t forget to read our blog. In it, you will find articles with information about the cost of padel courts, or what you should consider before buying one, among many other things.