How much does a padel court cost?

Cuánto cuesta una pista de pádel

How much does a padel court cost?


For sure, when you propose to set up a padel club or put a court in your house, one of the first things you think about is how much a padel court cost. That’s why we want to provide you with the answers you are looking for and that you can start the process with a very approximate idea of ​​the financial outlay that you will have to make to begin enjoying hours and hours of fun.

To offer you reliable and updated information about the price of a padel court, we have had the help of professionals in charge of evaluating the cost of our models. Thanks to their close involvement in the budgeting stage of the Padel Technologies courts, they have provided a realistic view of the current situation of a business in constant development.

An increasingly technical market

The Spanish companies, specialized in the manufacture and assembly of this kind of installation, are nowadays at the forefront worldwide. However, this was not always the case, especially when padel began to show its head in this country: “For many years, the market in Spain was distorted by the excessive intrusion of companies from construction”, indicate the experts of Padel Technologies.

A factor that made it very difficult to estimate for sure how much a padel court cost and of what quality it was. Luckily, production processes have become more technical with the appearance of specialists in the field: “Currently there are a good number of companies dedicated exclusively to sports facilities”, point out our specialists. “This has stabilized prices,” they add.

The mentioned specialization has been the key to explain the real impact of buying a padel court in your pockets.

Price of a padel court

After had analyzed the evolution of the market, we have good references from which to start to give you a realistic figure of how much a padel court costs: “There are determining elements that will make the price be one or the other, such as the type of track, the characteristics of the materials or the configuration options”, these professionals indicate.

For example, at Padel Technologies, we make four models of padel courts available to customers, with very different characteristics, to adapt to the specific needs of those who put their trust in us to carry out a job of these characteristics.

Something that makes the price varies from one court to another within the same model, as it would happen in a car, is how you configured it. That’s because it is possible to choose the type of grass and its color, the lighting that you want to use, or the furniture that we will equip this installation with, among many other things.

Fortunately, the comprehensive strategy on which the work we carry out is based includes an advisory plan with which clients will have the security of selecting exactly what they need.

We must also think that, how the problems caused by Coronavirus have affected other sectors, is also affecting this one: “The situation with the lack of stock of materials necessary for the manufacture of padel courts has caused some destabilization in the market”, say the experts.

“We estimate that a padel court costs from 15,000 or 20,000 euros onwards. It all depends on the configuration and the materials used. We always work with trusted suppliers, whose supplies are of the highest quality”, they assert. “Another thing that influences is if the order only includes one unit or several,” they add.

Trust the best professionals

Since acquiring a padel court requires investing a significant economic amount, from Padel Technologies, we recommend entrusting this task to companies with experience in the sector.

If you want to know the installations that we have carried out around the globe, you can enter our new website to take a look at the work that has led us to be a leading company on a global scale.

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