Tips to have your padel court ready for the summer

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Tips to have your padel court ready for the summer


With the arrival of summer, the nice weather invites us to do more sport. Padel is a great option and, if you have a court or club, you are sure to want to make the most of it. Therefore, we’re going to give you the keys for the maintenance of padel courts that will make you enjoy a facility in good condition. ¡Have your padel court ready for the summer!

You must be aware that having the courts in optimal condition is a must since the safety of the players depends on it. That will help prevent injuries and other setbacks derived from a poor setup. In addition, the enjoyment and quality of the game will grow exponentially.

Therefore, in facilities such as padel clubs, it’s vitally important to offer excellence in every one of the services. In this way, the affluence of customers it’s guaranteed. Without a doubt, it will be easier for you to have your courts reserved at all times.

Padel courts maintenance’s keys

Now that you are aware of the importance of performing exhaustive maintenance on your courts, we are going to give you some advice about performing these tasks. With these easy notes, you will play your matches in a safe environment and perfectly prepared for the demands of padel:

First, you must check that the structure is in good condition. In the summer heat, the metal skeleton tends to expand. In principle, this shouldn’t be a problem. This factor is considered at the design stage, but it doesn’t cost anything to take a look to check the status of the tubes, the mesh, the screws, and other elements.

We will include the lighting review at this stage. Although LED lighting usually gives a good performance, if it loses intensity, you must repair it, providing the installation with the appropriate conditions for its use.

In the same way, from time to time, you have to look at the situation of the glasses to detect possible imperfections that affect the safe development of the game. When you have made sure that everything is in order, it is advisable to keep it as clean as possible, to avoid visibility difficulties when following the ball with your eyes.

Next, you will go on to treat the surface on which everything happens, the grass. We know that there are also other types of flooring, but we will focus on this one because it is the one we use the most on the Padel Technologies courts.

Regularly, we recommend that you clean the grass of dirt, leaves, and other types of debris that have accumulated, which may hinder the bounce of the ball and the support of the players, generating dangerous situations.

An essential component to carry out the practice of padel is the sand. With the coming and going of the matches, it ends up being distributed unevenly, which will lead you to the task of repositioning it evenly across the length and width of the 20×10. To do this, use a wide brush of medium hardness.

During the summer period, especially on outdoor courts, we invite you to lightly water the surface with a hose to ensure maximum durability.

Finally, to have your padel court ready, you will check the net to guarantee a development according to the padel rules of the sessions in your courts. You must take care of placing the net at the height set by the standards and giving it the correct tension. In addition, you will check that there are no holes or similar imperfections.

Take care of your health

Although it is true that with the entry of summer we want more activity, remember that the first thing is to do it with the certainty that you are taking care of your body.

The heat can bring you bad tricks. Avoid playing in the hottest hours of the day if the court is outdoor; hydrate regularly, even if you are not thirsty; increase the rest time during your matches; if you notice that something is not going well, stop the activity and consult a doctor.

Following the steps of this note, the only thing you will have to do is enjoy this fantastic sport.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you want to know how much a padel court costs, or to know our new website, be sure to visit our blog.